The Blueprint Body Frequently Asked Questions

About the Program

What is included in the program?

You receive a secure website log in to access your training program each week for the 12 Week program, as well as comprehensive clean eating guidelines and meal inspirations to teach you about food and food choices.  You also receive flexible meal plans at various stages throughout the 12 weeks which change to complement the training program as well as shift your metabolism. We have a private online community for support and encouragement from other members, and you also can access coaching and support for any questions at all, direct from Andrew and Julia (not a celebrity admin team).

We also provide mindset topics and articles during the program, to help you become aware of your habits and lifestyle factors.

Which program should I choose?

Read through our program descriptions on the tab for The Blueprint Body to see what suits you best based on your goals.  If you are unsure which program level is right for you, please contact us and Julia or Andrew will help guide you based on your current training and goals.

When can I start?

We have a new Round start on the first Monday of every month, which provides you with the opportunity to start with other new members to go through the journey together and commit to a start date.  If you’d prefer to not wait, you can start any time as well.

Can I stop and start again if I am going on holidays, or have a ‘bad’ day/week?

Your program runs for 12 weeks from the date that you start.  If you’re going on holidays, you can still keep up the training, and meal plan, as best you can, or if you have a ‘bad’ day/week, you’ll learn through our mindset coaching that every meal or every day is a new one, and you can continue on without thinking you’ve thrown all of your efforts away.  Our program is about creating an ongoing lifestyle, not going “on a diet” at set periods of time.  That’s why it works, and creates sustainable long term results.

Rather than wait until after a holiday, why not start before, so that you’re starting to look and feel your best to enjoy your holiday to the fullest, and continue on from there.  One of our Australian members completed her program including 6 weeks in Europe, and still lost over 11kg in total!  Change your mindset about putting it off, until after a holiday!

How are results measured?

We are focus on your body composition (body fat percentage) rather than simply the weight on the scales.  We also focus on measurements and photos, which tell a much more compelling story, as well as qualitative results such as your energy levels, quality of sleep, clarity of your skin, digestive health, alertness and focus.  We also offer an optional body scan (at additional cost) that measures your muscle quality and body fat percentage, and can be assessed before and after your program.  Many of our members complete the program and measure their results with before/during/after photos, and measurements themselves.

My partner needs to lose weight too - can they do it with me?

Yes! Our programs are available for both men and women, with training programs and meal plans available separately as of course male nutritional needs are different to support the goals of their program.  You can definitely do the program with your partner and do it together.  Have a look at our Success Stories to see some of the incredible results of our male and female members.

What support is available during the program?

You have direct support available from Andrew and Julia, your coaches in Training and Clean Eating.  You won’t be contacted by an admin team, or referred to a self-paced eBook or App.  You also have support from our online community of other members, for tips and support throughout your program.

Can I share my journey on social media?

We’d love you to share your progress and results and tag us (Facebook: The Blueprint Body and Instagram: @theblueprintbody) as well as hashtag #theblueprintbody and #buildablueprintbody.  We are a small business and appreciate your support to refer us to your family and friends.  Once they see how you look and feel, they’ll all be asking!

Please remember though that the content and details of our training programs and meal plans are of course confidential and not to be shared with others, either privately or online.


How do I access the training program each week?

Your program can be accessed online either from a smartphone, tablet or computer, so you can have it with you while you are doing your training.

Do I need to be a member of a gym or need any equipment?

For the Baby Body or Lose Weight programs, you can train at home with virtually no equipment at all.  Only a kettle bell is required in the final weeks of the program, and these can be bought easily and cheaply (even from Kmart, Target or Aldi!).

For the Progress and Strong & Fit programs, access to gym equipment is required, whether at a franchise or workplace gym, or potentially a home gym.  Let us know what equipment you have available in your gym and we can adapt any movements/exercises to what you have.

How many hours of exercise do I need to commit to each week?

Our programs prove that it’s about training SMART. More is NOT better.  The Baby Body or Lose Weight programs include only 3 sessions per week, and the Progress or Strong & Fit programs include 4 sessions per week.  Trust the program!

If you’re currently doing more than this per week, and not getting results, then you definitely need The Blueprint Body.

Is the training program the same during the 12 weeks or does it change?

Each week includes a strength-based session, a workout (2 for the Strong & Fit program), and a cardio session.  Each session and each week is different.  Through our testing, you’ll see how far you have come, but apart from that, the program constantly changes to build muscle and burn fat!

What if I don't know how to do an exercise or am not sure if I am doing it right?

Members log in and have access to a comprehensive video library which takes you through each workout and each movement, every week.  You can ask us if you have any questions about movements – remember, you have direct support available from your coaches!

I have an injury that means that I can't do certain exercises so I'm not sure if I can do the program?

Please email us and let us know what injury or restrictions you may have.  All of our programs are adaptable so we can provide alternative movements instead.

I am following my own running program to do a marathon - so I don’t need the exercise program but I need to lose some weight. Can I just do the meal plans?

Our programs provide complementary and supplementary training, to build strength and fitness to support your other activities such as training for a run.  We’ve had many members do the program to support them in ultramarathons, marathons or even sailing expeditions! We’re happy to review your training plan and provide guidance on how to incorporate our program, and if required, how to adjust your meal plans to fuel longer training runs, etc, but our program comes as a complete package to complement each element.

Meal Plans

Is the clean eating program, a paleo diet?

Our clean program promotes eating whole foods as nature intended – avoiding processed and packaged foods. It is based on macro nutrients and nutrient timing, in a structure that we have created over years of experience that deliver proven results by rebooting your metabolism to burn fat and lose weight. We do not cut out entire food groups (except from sugar!). Essentially no, it is not paleo.

Can I eat out at a restaurant on the clean eating program?

Absolutely! That’s real life! The beauty of The Blueprint Body is that we teach you about food and how to make choices with your meals.  This means that its incredibly easy to choose from a menu or even a food court or serve yourself a plate of dinner at a buffet or BBQ, and make good choices to stick to your meal plan.

Do you provide set recipes for each meal?

No. Our meal plans are designed to be flexible so that you can customise them to your own tastes, time constraints, family life, cooking abilities, etc.  This teaches you how to eat for you, for life and how to make the right choices which means you have more chance of sticking to it as a new way of life after you finish the program.  Do you ever read a recipe book and think it isn’t the sort of thing that you would like or actually cook yourself? Or that your partner or kids wouldn’t eat it either?  With The Blueprint Body, you can adapt recipes from your regular repertoire, or look at our meal inspirations, and learn how to read recipes so that when you come across something that you like the sound of, in a recipe book or magazine, that you can choose it without being restricted to set recipes.

Following set recipes (as some other programs provide) also doesn’t teach you anything about food or creating meals, it teaches you how to read and follow a recipe!  We do provide sample meals and recipes to give you an idea, but it is flexible and customisable.

Can I still have coffee?

Yes, you can.  This is one of those things that we encourage members to limit, and perhaps have in a different style, but you do not have to cut it out entirely if you love it!

Is it suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Our meal plans are based on macro nutrients and portions of each one, so while meat and eggs are the easiest way to hit the protein macro portion, the meal plans are also designed to be completely customisable and flexible to your tastes.  So provided that you eat the required amount of protein in the meal plan from protein sources that you prefer, then it’s up to you.

I currently use a pre-made meals service, can I continue to use this with The Blueprint body?
Our program is based on both the food aspect as well as the training side, so aligning with our meal plan is a key part of the program and your key to get the results.  Whether you choose to home cook or buy your meals either from cafes/restaurants or from a pre-made service, that’s up to you. It’s just a choice of convenience and how you choose to supply your food.
We teach you HOW TO EAT, so you can order your meals or from a menu in line with our program.  But it’s important that you follow our structure of macronutrients and nutrient timing that underpins our program as other approaches such as pre-made meals may be based on different drivers such as cutting calories (which we do not do!). Talk to us more about how you can make this work for you!

After the Program

What happens after the 12 weeks?

Once you’re in your new “Blueprint Body”, why stop there! You have the option to join a ‘Next Step’ program at a discounted rate.  This provides you with access to the training program at the next level up (eg. Progress, if you started with our Lose Weight program) as well as a meal plan which you can continue and sustain on an ongoing basis.  You also still have access to our online community for support and to keep you accountable and on track, as well as direct coaching and support from Andrew and Julia.  Perfect to continue your journey and not let your results go to waste, or have old habits creep back in.

Or, you can continue on your own from there.  If you decide to get back on track with another program again in the future, you can always get in touch with us.