Andrew Berridge has had the opportunity to learn from exceptional athletes and coaches around the world, and compete, in both CrossFit (2 x Individual and 2 x Team Athlete in Aust/NZ Regionals) and Muay Thai (8 x Australian title holder).  He has also coached multiple CrossFit Aust/NZ Regionals Athletes as well as a World Champion Kick Boxer.

This culminates in a depth of knowledge and experience, and unique skills in programming and training design, to form a “BLUEPRINT” to build successful athletes.



  • Access the Performance Blueprint for those who are ready to take their training to the next level with higher volume, in preparation for competitions in functional fitness.
  • Programmed over extended blocks of time to ensure that training cumulates to build you as an Athlete.  Anyone can write a workout, but it won’t develop you over time…
  • Sample blocks/phases include Strength, Aerobic Base, Lactic Threshold and Power, Hypertrophy, etc.
  • Access via secure log-in to daily WODs which include strength, skill and workout components.
  • Log your results to compare against other athletes around the world on PERFORMANCE.

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  • Full access to PERFORMANCE plus additional personalized accessory work to address your weaknesses or focus areas.
  • Suitable for athletes in functional fitness or any other sport to build complementary strength and performance.
  • Members of the PERFORMANCE program have included athletes from CrossFit, athletics/sprinting, cricket, and paddle boarding.
  • Assessment and coaching via video/email where required.

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Sample WOD

  1. Split Jerk 5×1
    build to max for the day
  2. Clean from blocks (above the knee) 95%+ 5×1
    build to a max for the day
  3. Clean Deadlift 110%+ of clean 3×3
  4. 3 rounds not for time
    Max distance Handstand walk *add freestanding hspu to walk between abmats
    10x hanging hip touches
    10x band good mornings
  5. 15min amrap
    1x legless rope climb
    3x snatch 80/50kg. (Masters 80% of max snatch)
    5x clean and jerk 80/50kg
    7x bar muscle up: this will probably hurt your hands! Wear gloves.
    If you don’t have great bar mup scale the reps.
    If you don’t have a bar mup either use a band or do jumping bar mup otherwise scale to 7x c2b pull ups + 7x ring dips.