The Blueprint Body

Choose your start date from THIS Monday, NEXT Monday or our NEXT ROUND (the first Monday of every month).
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The Blueprint Body provides 4 or 12 week Nutrition and Training Programs to lose weight, get fit, strong and tone up.

If you‘re after a quickfix or crash diet, you‘ve come to the wrong place…
We teach you a healthy lifestyle and give you the tools to continue long after.

We provide you with ‘the blueprint‘ to create the best version of you Let’s #buildablueprintbody!



✓ Dietician-endorsed Nutrition Guidelines
✓ Flexible and customisable meal plans throughout the 12 week programs to complement your training
✓ Reboot your metabolism burn FAT
✓ Safe for breastfeeding mothers
✗ No cutting or counting calories (We eat real food, lots of it!)
✗ No Shakes or Fasting!


✓ 5 different program types available for Men & Women
✓ Instructional videos for all movements
✓ Only 3-4 Sessions per week
✓ Can cater to any individual needs
✓ Train at home*
✗ No need to train 6 days per week… or EVERY SINGLE DAY!


✓ Direct support from your coaches, a small Australian business (not a ‘celebrity’ admin team)
✓ Support to understand and overcome things that hold you back like habits, snacks and cravings.
✓ Community of members to support you to achieve your goals

Everything you need for the best version of you… your BLUEPRINT BODY.


We provide dietician-endorsed Nutrition Guidelines to TEACH YOU principles about food. So you LEARN throughout our program how to make and choose meals, not just how to follow standard recipes or have to buy our recipe books.

We are not a ‘diet’. Our meal plans are based on macro-nutrients and nutrient timing so that we teach you HOW TO EAT. This means that we do not create results through drastically low calorie levels, nor do you have to count calories.  Other programs are unfortunately based on these extremely low calorie diets which may create initial weight loss but this is what leaves you hungry and tired and cranky… exactly the ‘diet’ that you give up on and where results often plateau.

We eat real food, and lots of it. We don’t ‘replace meals’ with (expensive) powdered shakes or try to sell them to you. We don’t achieve results by starving you: we create results by rebooting your metabolism to burn fat and keep you full with balanced meals (up to 5 per day!).

We don’t teach you to avoid food: we teach you how to fuel your body and create a sustainable way of eating so that your metabolism burns fat and you keep the results that you achieve.

Do you know what the biggest complaint is of our new members? TOO. MUCH. FOOD!

✓ Dietician-endorsed Nutrition Guidelines to TEACH you about food.

✓ Customisable meal plans throughout the 12 weeks to complement your training as you progress.  These differ for each program level and for men and women.

✓ Meal Inspirations and a flexible structure to create your own meals – we can assist members to adjust recipes from your own regular repertoire so you can create meals that you enjoy eating, rather than recipes which aren’t ’you’. Sample meals and recipes but the choice is yours.

✓ Our flexible meal plans make it easy to accommodate meals for your family – partner or kids! No separate meals.

✓ Reboot your metabolism burn FAT

✓ Safe for breastfeeding mothers (unlike other programs which cut calories and are not recommended while feeding)

✓ 10% discount for members from True Protein

✗ No ‘shakes’ or ‘meal replacements’, no fasting, no supplements or ‘pills’

✗ No extreme low calorie dieting or counting calories.

The clean eating principles behind The Blueprint Body are endorsed by Dr Caryn Zinn, a leading dietician.

I am a strong advocate for the whole food philosophy. I believe that we need to focus on optimal quality whole foods that are minimally processed and packaged, foods that provide a range of essential vitamins and minerals, and sufficient energy to allow us to live a healthy, high performing life. This nutrition philosophy is captured well in the “Blueprint Body clean eating” principles outlined in this programme. It’s time to get back to basics, and focus on food that is closely aligned with how natured intended.

Dr Caryn Zinn

Registered Dietitian, AUT Senior Lecturer


Who has the time to train 6 days per week? Let alone every single day!
We’re not like other ‘celebrity’ programs that expect you to find the time for 6-7 sessions per week.
Not only is it unrealistic for many people to even start when faced with that, let alone maintain, but its simply not necessary.
Or are you currently training 4+ days per week and not sure why you aren’t getting results?

More is not better.

We are about SMART training and effective sessions to get results in half the time each week.

✓ Only 3-4 Sessions per week

✓ Sessions as short as 20-30 mins.

✓ Can be adjusted to cater to any individual needs or injuries

✓ Train at home* (on Baby Body and Activate programs)


All Members have direct access to Andrew and Julia as your Coaches on The Blueprint Body. Simple.

We are not a celebrity program with marketing and administration teams who answer your questions.

This means that you get direct support from us, whenever you need it.

You also have access to join our online community to read the questions and comments from other members, and support each other.

✓ Direct support from your coaches

✓ Mindset topics to understand and overcome things that hold you back like habits, and cravings.

✓ Community of members to support you to achieve your goals

✗ No admin team answering your questions – direct support from your coaches.

✗ No eBook or App which leaves you on your own, with no support.