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4 Week Express

12 Week Program


Are you currently doing little or no exercise?
Always ’dieting’ but never keep the weight off?
Put it on again? Have >5 kgs to lose?

✓ Reset your metabolism to burn fat
✓ Overhaul your eating habits
with a new lifestyle.


Training already but results have plateaued?
Think that you eat ‘healthily’ but not getting results?
Have <5kg to lose?

✓ Accelerate your results and
get what has been out of reach

Baby Body

Do you want your pre-baby body back?
Or better than before?

✓ From 6 weeks post-birth,
includes core exercises
✓ Safe for breastfeeding mums
✘ No need to put your child into a gym crèche!


Want to gain muscle & strength?
Already train regularly or are training for an event?

✓ A training program to push you
further & get stronger & toned


Want to gain size & muscle?
Do you want to gain weight?

✓ A training program to add muscle size & mass
✓ Put on weight & keep it on


  • Weekly training program, tailored to your level and goals.
  • Videos to coach you through all sessions including technique, warm up & cool down
  • Nutrition Guidelines and flexible meal plans throughout the program
  • Personal support from your Coaches, Andrew and Julia
  • Online Community for support from other members

Face to Face

  • Includes everything in the ONLINE program, plus
  • TWO classes per week at CrossFit North Head.
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